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Ag. and Alpacas

We support Regenerative Agricultural practices.  Regenerative agriculture aims to improve the land that is used for farming, rather than destroying or depleting it." As stewards of God's creation, we desire to bring restoration to the land



  • Conservation Tillage: Plowing can drastically erode soil and release atmospheric carbon. Regenerative agriculture emphasizes low or no-tillage, so farmers disturb the soil less. We only till where it is necessary. Although it would be nice to plow the whole area (to eliminate the squirrels), but we carefully determine tillage.

  • Cover crops: Cover crops infuse the soil with more diverse nutrients. Currently, most of the land is covered with oat hay, but we will be diversifying. 

  • Diversity: Different plants contribute different nutrients to the soil. Having a diverse mix of them increases genetic diversity and resilience. Although we won’t have a huge food forest, we do have a variety. We plan to plant more fruit and nut trees, a vineyard, and a flower area.

  • Organic matter: Chemical fertilizers are common in many American rural farms, however, compost as well as organic mulch are healthier alternatives. We’ve found alpaca waste to be a great organic fertilizer, and we use our compost pile. 


Come out to visit Jada, Carmalina (females), Jasper, and Junior (males). Why alpacas? When we started hosting travelers we thought they would be a nice addition. Now we give alpaca tours and include them in our events package. 

We also have three White German Shepherd guard dogs and four cats. We hope to expand after we retire,  We want to add chickens, Nigerian Drawf goats, and hopefully a mini cow.  At times unplanned guests (coyotes, squirrels, gophers, and bunnies) come to visit. 

As new Ag farmers, we are on a learning curve in the next season of our lives. Our grandparents were stewards of the land. Marta’s grandparents had a vineyard and farm animals, and Arnold's grandparents raised cattle. We are now in our 60s and we never imagined we’d be stewarding 40 acres. We can’t do it alone. If you are local and interested in being part of Regenerative Ag. practices and animal projects please contact us, we could use the help. Thank you. 




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