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 We are on a new adventure! We celebrated our 38th anniversary in June 2021. WOW! ( We met in Jerusalem, Israel) We can hardly believe it's been many decades since we met. We love to travel, meet people from all over the world, and work on our land. You can read more about the ranch on our blog. 


Arnold works as a Physician Assistant and is an all-around handyman and craftsman.  He loves riding his tractor and being with his dogs. I (Marta) wear many hats. I've been a teacher, principal, founder, director of three nonprofits, writer, insurance agent, and spiritual life coach. I am a DIY'r and a lifelong learner (I won't tell you how many degrees I have or crafts I've done :) I was teaching at the colleges until October 2020, and then Covid hit. I now teach  5th grade in an independent study program at MUSD. For fun, I hang out or walk with friends, work around the land, make crafts, repurpose items and shop at yard sales and thrift stores! 

Our core values are:



Escarcega Enterprise LLC


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