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Who We Are

Now in our 60's, we are on a new adventure. We celebrated our 36th anniversary June 2019. WOW! ( We met in Jerusalem, Israel) We can hardly believe it's many decades since we met. We love to travel and meet people from all over the world. 

 We raised our four kids on our 2 acres in Madera Ranchos (Madera County, CA). We built our home in 1993 and planted over 100 trees in t his barren land. Now it is a bountiiul blessing. 

The Ranchos is a great place to raise kids...where kids can still play outside, find frogs,take country walks, ride  bikes, and have bonfires making s'mores. For years we hosted a variety of celebrations and travelers. So when we became empty nesters, our 5 bedroom home just became too quiet. What to do next? Well, start an adventure of becoming home hosts of course. 

Arnold works as a Physician Assistant and all around handyman and craftsman around the properties. He loves riding his tractor and being with his dogs. I (Marta) wear many hats. I've been a teacher, principal, founder and director of three nonprofits, writer, financial professional, and spiritual life coach. I am a DIY'r and life long learner. Currently, I teach ESL part time at 3 colleges and an adult school, work as a financial professional, volunteer with a few nonprofits, write, create, and run a few businesses. 







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Someday I'll change this website. It is permanently stuck on this theme (webs can't seem to change it). If anyone wants to redesign it for free, email me.