A&M Ranch


Room s and Space

Rent a Room/RV or Site: We are Superhosts with Airbnb, Star hosts with Hip Camp and recently became Harvest Hosts. You can rent room in the house or in the RV, camp out near the Alpacas or park your self-contained RV. We are listed on Airbnb (search for Madera Ranchos , CA), Hipcamp and Harvest Host. (https://www.airbnb.com/users/8101466/listings

Venue/Country Backyard: Rent or Barter for shared space for your next wedding or party (up to 120 people). 1 acre, includes tables, chairs, decor, night lights, dance area, food area, wine barrels, country door decor, and lots more. Contact us for more detail.

Summer 2021- NEW LARGER SPACE COMING- on the 40 acre ranch 

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