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A & M Ranch- part 1

Posted on June 10, 2020 at 2:20 PM

June 10, 2020 For those of you who have asked about our A & M Ranch, I thought I'd just write about it, (so I don't have to repeat the story each time) :) I realize some of this might be too detailed, but there is so much to this story. First, It's been a faith journey - we never thought we'd be here at this time of our lives.

Part 1:

  • We bought two forty acre parcels back in 2005. That's when I was working FT and we could afford it. Who would have known 6 months later I'd lose my job. Long story short, God is faithful and took care of us in the midst of it all. We bought 2 with the intention of selling one as an nvestment and the other to exhange for a house in the hills.  Then the market crashed in 2008 and it was a tough time. We sold one around 2010. We tried to sell the 2nd parcel three different times.  We looked at property in the hills to exhange, but no luck. Then, we realized we really didn't want to live in the mtns, so we stopped looking. 
  • I  (Marta) was going through some physical challenges back in 2014-2015 and was exhausted and had no intention of building. So we prayed-"God, if you want us to build and have vision for this, then show us and please restore energy and put us both on the same page."  God answered. I started to feel better and we decided to put in a well in 2017 and we stopped trying to sell it. We just decided to keep moving forward one step at a time. 
  • Then there was all the pre building to be done. Because we built 27 years ago we knew what had to be done. First, the well, pump, power, pad, etc, etc.. We put in a power pole, cause PGE just doesn't do that. then it took year and half to get it connected to the pole across the street. 
  • Next was storage. The shipping containers came in 2018 (all storage- including my she shed and arnolds man cave). When he retires, he'll be having those weekly morning coffee time with the guys. 
  • We built the Big Red AG Barn in 2019.
  • We started looking at home styles and builders back in 2018, but didn't decide until 2019. Although arnold wanted to do a lot of it, he is still working ,so we decided to go with Western who built our current home. 
  • May 2020- the foundation and the framing started. 
  • Arnold has been out there on his tractor, working the land. Did I say there is a lot to do? (helpers always appreciated)  He painted his shipping containers and had a cover put in between, so now it looks like another barn.  He still needs to put in a few gates. 
  • This year ,besides the house, we need to finish the alpaca area, solar, electrical connection, fencing around house (for dogs), Barn doors, etc, etc. .
  • 2021- Hopefully put in Landscaping and Patios and work around the big Red barn. 

  • (Oh yeah, in  the midst of the past decade, we were still working, both my parents passed, arnold dad passed, we became empty nesters, two kids got married, we started a few businesses and I got my doctorate), so if you never heard us talk about the land it was because we were focusing on other things :) 
    We thank the Lord for his GOODNESS. It's been a wild ride.Who would have thought we'd be doing this in our 60's? But then again, who would have thought people would be wearing masks and sheltering in place for almost a year. 
  • It's a NEW ERA! 


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