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Arnies Alpacas

Posted on January 3, 2020 at 4:10 PM

When people visit, they often ask us the story of how we got into getting alpacas. My typical answer is, it was such a random thought/decision. 

Actually when we traveled in the past, we would see signs about alpaca farms and Arnold often seemed interested in them. So we'd visit. Then one day while he was purusing craiglsist he came across someone who was retiring and selling his alpacas. The farm wasn't too far away, so we decided to go look just for fun. 

After some time spent with them, I had a thought, that they would be a great attraction for our airbnb guests. The seller told us they were easy to take care of, just like dogs, feed them and pick up poop, and shear once a year. I thought, oh we could do that, so we made the bold move and bought them October 2017.

We went home and prepared the area for them. We bred the females in hopes to have 'cria's the next year, but sad to say they didn't become pregnant. We moved them to our property the following month and since then they have been a joy to so many visitors. 

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