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I read a recent article that titled "Ten things your kids don't want". Really?! How sad, they really don't want those tableclothes and china dishes?

I started this decluttering process a few years before my parents passed. They started giving away some of their things. I digitized their photos, before tossing and giving away the prints.After throwing out photos of trees and mountain (places they visited), I realized, my kids woud not to want my  photos of trees and squirrels:) either. So now I have 40 years of photo albums to sort through. I'm giving myself a few years.

A few years ago, I started with my kids photo albums and video's. I took out the photos and tossed the albums.I sorted the photos into 5 piles (one for each of them and one for me) and then bundled them by year. I put them in a pretty box and gave each a box for Christmas. I also sent the videos to be made into DVD's. (although that now seems to be outdated). Step 1 -done! Now, I have to go through my personal 1960-80's albums and digitize. 

Next: The stuff: The kids all have put the things they want to keep in boxes. The hardest thing is getting rid of things they don't want but bring me good memories...like my husbands first ski set, or my first set of dishes when I was single, or moms tea cups, the toy soldiers, barbies, and all the beanie babies.This has been on ongoing emotional process. I've sold stuff, sent much to the thrift stores, repurposed some, and kept a few for future generations.(I actually made a cool wall hanging, like many dream catchers out of my moms doilies).

I know this will take time, but I also know I don't want to move all this stuff when it is time to move. It's time to Let it Go. 

THe Lango Ranch

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There is something about land I really love. Funny thing is..26 years ago I didn't like moving to the country..but now I really enjoy it. 

Yesterday, while I was out working in the yard, trimming the pomegranate tree, I thought how I much preferred taking care of my land over working on some tedious inside responsibilities.

Maybe it is in my DNA. My grandparents were farmers and had a small vineyard. We called their home 'the ranch". My many cousins and I would go almost every Sunday to play at "the ranch." I loved Thanksgiving dinners, where we'd all sit around a ranch table and eat. My mom was one of 16 kids, so that made for a lot of cousins. There were 40 of us first cousins in all, however, we all didn't show up on Sunday at the same time. We were the baby boomer generation, so there were a few of us born ever year and it was like having siblings. Since, I didn't have sisters, I was grateful for my female cousins to play with who were close to my age. 

One of our favorite experiences was swimming in the ditch. Looking back, I can't believe we did this. In todays standards, people would say it was filthy and no way would they let their kids swim there. However, this is what we did back in the 60's and 70's. There were no concrete walls in the ditch so it was easy to climb out. We always had older cousins with us. (I still believe this is where I built up my immunities as today I rarely get sick.) When the ditch was dry, I would love to go on adventures with one of my cousins. We explored for hidden treasures that were left behind in the ditch. I'd also like to walk out to the railroad tracks where we heard the 'hobo's lived. I dreamt of being a hobo one day to hop on a train and go on an adventure.

Last year, was sad for many of us cousins, as the 'ranch house' was demolished. After the last family member had moved out, the squatters were taking over. It  also was in horrible condition, so it had to come down. A few of us cousins went out and filmed the process. I don't know the future of that land, but my hope it will stay in the family. 

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