A&M Ranch


The Males: Jasper and  Jayhawker (aka junior)

The Females:  Carmelina and Jada

We started this crazy adventure with the alpacas in October (2017). When most people our age (60's) are downsizing as empty nesters, we are  expanding. We told the kids we've replaced them with our dogs and alpacas :) (jk). We love our adult children.  

We are now in Agritourism! Come Hang out, Walk or Work with the animals.  

We now offer Alpaca Tours, Kid and adult craft classes through Airbnb and Hipcamp.

For sale: Raw fleece, yarn (for the local crafter who wants to spin), Notecards with the alpacas photos listed on Etsy. Also: Mugs, alpaca stuffed animals, jewelry, local honey and pomegranate jelly we made. 

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